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Jack Balas, 2011; KARL BODMER CROSSING THE MISSOURI (#557) (Muse / Museum Series); watercolor and ink on paper; 15" x 22.5"



(date unknown, c. 1830's)

(Karl Bodmer?) (1809-1893)
watercolor and maybe wolf urine on paper
(it sparkles under some light)

Found last year in a closet not far off
the main lobby of the Joslyn in Omaha,
down one of the black marble halls where
the Bodmers usually hang.

The subject, Josh, noted on the back, is
reportedly of Korean descent, though he
easily passes as Native American;
however, the hills depicted are said to
have been inspired by those in Black Cross,
New Mexico
, an O'Keeffe canvas in the
collection of the Art Institute of Chicago
and which can be seen faintly on the
upper right horizon (use your

We are not sure who said that, though. But
we don't care, and anyway that's not why
you're here. We like it an awful lot.